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Massachusetts Breath Testing Problems

The Massachusetts Office of Alcohol Testing ("OAT") oversees the breath test program for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Each machine is assigned a serial number. These machines are ...
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How to get out of a DUI

Put this phone number in your cell phone right now: 617-221-3244. If you or a loved one are pulled over by the police, call me immediately, day or night. The best way to prevent a conviction of ...
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Will I have to have an ignition interlock device on my car?

No. It is never mandatory that you place an ignition interlock on your vehicle. However, if you choose to obtain a hardship license prior to the expiration of the entire period of alcohol related ...
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What are the consequences of my DUI?

The general consequences of a DUI depend upon your prior convictions and the specific facts of your case. The loss of license is in addition to any loss suspension or revocation for a chemical test ...
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MGL c.90 s.24

In Massachusetts, intoxicated driving charges are covered under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90, Section 24. In short, the law states that any person who operates a vehicle with a blood alcohol ...
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How to Hire the Best DUI Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is like choosing your surgeon. A DUI arrest is similar to a virus that invades the each part of your life and proceeds to ruin it. When my sister had a brain tumor, we went to Boston ...
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Waltham Suspect Arrested for DUI Crash

A Waltham resident was arrested in Newton, Massachusetts for driving under the influence of alcohol after he crashed into several parked cars. According to the Waltham Patch, 30 year old A.F. was ...
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