Possession of Drugs with Intent to Distribute

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The execution of a search warrant is not a conviction. Your liberty is more important than the seizure of your property.

If you or a loved one are investigated, searched, or arrested- you have questions that need to be answered by a lawyer. At Russell Defense Firm, Brighton criminal defense attorney, Adam Russell, stands ready to provide his clients with outstanding legal counsel and ensure that they receive a favorable outcome for their situations.

Charges for Trafficking or Distribution in Massachusetts

What is the difference between trafficking and possession with intent to distribute?

Weight. Under Massachusetts state law, the type and amount of alleged controlled substance is critical in determine possession with intent to distribute or trafficking. The federal government categorizes different drugs and types of drugs into "classes" One through Four (I-IV). The Massachusetts government uses these same schedules in classes A – D controlled substances, but places limits upon the weight before an possession with intent becomes trafficking. A larger amount of a more dangerous drug is supposed to be more severely punished than a lesser amount of a less dangerous substance. For example, the punishment for 2 ounces of heroin is more serious than the penalty for 2 ounces of cannabis.

Powder Cocaine, OR

Active ingredient in Class B

Pills Cannabis

Possession with intent

G.L. c. 94C,

Up to 18 grams

Less than 50 pounds


18 grams or more

50 pounds or more

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If you were arrested for selling drugs in Brighton, then it is vital that you retain the representation of an aggressive attorney as soon as possible. With the guidance of Russell Defense Firm, you may be able to receive a favorable outcome of your drug crime case. When you work with Russell Defense Firm, Adam Russell will immediately begin conducting an independent investigation to ensure that your rights are never violated throughout the course of the case.

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