Repeat Drug Offenses in Massachusetts

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Repeat drug offense charges carry heavy penalties for convicted individuals. If you or a loved one has been arrested and / or convicted multiple times for charges of drug crimes, then you need to contact Russell Defense Firm right away. Adam Russell stands ready to provide his clients with outstanding representation in their times of need and ensures that they receive favorable outcomes for their cases. He understands that you may be facing prison time, fines and mandatory drug awareness programs. It is vital that you contact the Brighton criminal attorney at Russell Defense Firm as soon as possible.

Penalties for Multiple Drug Offenses

First-time offenders may not have already been through the criminal process once before, but it is important to know that your penalties will greatly increase with each subsequent offense. Repeat offender penalties depend on the type and amount of drug or controlled substance that was found on you or in your possession.

For example, a second-time offense for a heroin charge may carry a state prison sentence of at least 2 years and can extend up to 10 years. Marijuana penalties can vary depending on the amount of cannabis.

Trusted representation from a proven criminal defense attorney in Brighton!

Adam Russell works hard to assist his clients in obtaining favorable resolutions to their criminal cases. Regardless of whether you have already been through the criminal trial process, you deserve aggressive representation.

Adam files all necessary motions and uses the facts for a strong defense to ensure that your rights and freedoms are protected. If you are facing a subsequent arrest for a drug crime, you need to contact Russell Defense Firm right away and schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.

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