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Do you need help building a strong defense plan against your criminal charges in Cambridge, Massachusetts? If so, you can turn to Russell Defense Firm for competent Cambridge criminal defense lawyer who can advocate on your behalf. Attorney Adam Russell is an experienced litigator who fights for positive resolutions for his clients' cases, whether that is a charge reduction, a case dismissal of a full acquittal achieved through trial. No criminal case is too big or too small for this attorney, who has a wealth of trial experience at both the state and federal level. By bringing your criminal case to Attorney Russell, you might be able to increase your chances of avoiding a conviction!

Key Benefits that Set Russell Defense Firm Apart

Once Attorney Russell agrees to represent a client, he promptly starts preparing the case for court. He conducts a thorough independent investigation so that he can ensure that he has the information and evidence he needs to effectively present the defendant's side of the story. Here are some of the many things that set Russell Defense Firm apart from others in the local area:

  • Immediate, independent investigation to uncover and preserve evidence consistent with innocence
  • Reputation for insisting the government follow the law
  • Support staff includes receptionist, assistant, systems analyst, and private investigator so Attorney Russell has adequate time for meeting with each client and preparing every case for trial
  • No surprises at the court house!

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Russell Defense Firm provides legal representation for clients who are dealing with a diverse range of criminal charges. The firm can offer assistance to individuals who have been investigated for misdemeanors and felonies in the state and federal courts.

Crime Data for Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is a prominent Massachusetts city that is located in Middlesex County. When compared to other communities in the U.S. of similar population size, Cambridge has an overall crime rate that is above average. When compared only to other communities in Massachusetts (of all sizes), Cambridge has a total crime rate that is higher than 96% of those other communities. This may be a result of people in Cambridge reporting crimes more often than citizens of East Boston. The city's total crime rate is 41.64, which breaks down to a violent crime rate of 4.12 and a property crime rate of 37.52. Attorney Russell understands that not every person accused of a crime is actually deserving of a conviction. For this reason, he is there to defend the rights of individuals throughout Cambridge whose futures are at risk because of criminal allegations.

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