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Brighton Juvenile Crime Lawyer

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If your child is facing criminal proceedings in the juvenile court system you need the immediate help and guidance of an experienced Brighton juvenile crime defense lawyer. It is imperative that children are tried in the juvenile system, when possible. The juvenile justice system is vastly different from the adult criminal justice system.

Achieving a good outcome for your child requires knowledge of the two court systems, and the various alternatives that are frequently possible for young people facing charges. The juvenile court's jurisdiction includes any child between the ages of 7 - 17. Juveniles charged with a crime are considered delinquents rather than criminals, and children who are in need of supervision, treatment or confinement.

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If your child is being accused or investigated in connection with any criminal case, you need to act immediately in the best interest of the child. Seek help from an experienced Brighton criminal defense lawyer.

The attorney serving you will seek any possible advantage for your child, and pursue alternatives such as rehabilitation so that your child does not have his or her future opportunities destroyed, and can resume living a normal life. The legal professionals at the Russell Defense Firm will take every possible action that could prevent your child from suffering permanent consequences for an error in judgment.

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For the post part, juveniles are capable of committing the same crimes as adults. Juveniles commit both felonies and misdemeanors.

While juveniles may be charged with all types of crimes, the most common categories of juvenile crime include:

Due to the far-reaching consequences of juvenile crime and the increasing tendency to move cases to adult criminal court, it is very important to seek the assistance of a qualified lawyer.

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