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Embezzlement Charges in Brighton


Embezzlement is a "white collar crime" that involves dishonestly using assets or money that belong to another individual or company. Generally the money or other assets were entrusted to the individual facing embezzlement charges. This is a form of financial fraud that carries heavy penalties.

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In order for an individual to be charged with embezzlement, the prosecution must satisfy the three elements.

  • First: That the defendant, while in a position of trust or confidence, was entrusted with possession of personal property belonging to another person or entity;

  • Second: That the defendant took that property, or hid it, or converted it to his (her) own use, without the consent of the owner; and

  • Third: That the defendant did so with the intent to deprive the owner of the property permanently.

A good example of this case is Commonwealth v. Kenneally, 10 Mass. App. Ct. 162 (1980).


If you are facing embezzlement charges in Brighton, there is too much at stake to take any risks with choosing legal counsel. You need to ensure that you are represented by an aggressive Brighton defense lawyer that has experience at trial. Call my firm today so that I can review the facts in your case. If you or a loved one are being investigated for embezzlement or a white collar crime, Adam Russell can advise you from the moment you first contact him. White collar crimes can be very complex. Adam Russell has experience in the banking and financial industry.

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