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Brighton Drug Sales Attorney


The sale of illegal drugs and controlled substances is considered a criminal offense in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and if you have been arrested, you may face serious penalties. At Russell Defense Firm, Adam Russell understands that your case and your situation are unique, which is why he works hard to develop an individualized defense for your arrest.

When you work with Russell Defense Firm, you will be working with a drug attorney who always is on the lookout for your best interests and will actively pursue the best outcome for your criminal case. After being arrested for selling drugs of any kind, you need to work with the Brighton criminal lawyer from Russell Defense Firm immediately.


Penalties for the sale of illegal drugs or controlled substances vary depending on the amount and type of drug that was found in your possession. Your penalties can also greatly increase if the sale occurred near a school or park or if the drug was sold to a minor. Incarceration sentences for people convicted of the sale of drugs can range from 2 to 20 years.

Specific penalties and sentences are based on each count of drug sale. It is important to remember as well that your offense may be tried at the local level or taken to a federal court depending on the circumstances of the case.


If you or a loved one has been arrested for a drug crime in Massachusetts, it is vital that you retain trusted legal representation. At Russell Defense Firm, Attorney Russell can immediately conduct an independent investigation of your case and ensure that your rights are never infringed on in any manner during the arrest, booking, or trial. If you were a victim of an illegal search or seizure, he will use this as an part of the aggressive defense in your case. Any questions or concerns that you have regarding your future and how to move forward with your drug crime case can be answered by contacting Russell Defense Firm right away. Schedule your confidential and free case evaluation as soon as possible.

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If you or a loved one has been arrested and booked for a criminal offense, contact Russell Defense Firm right away. The firm is relentless in its defense of clients' rights and freedoms. Adam believes that his approach to addressing problems and working diligently to find solutions can lead to acquittals or significant reductions in charges for your case.

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