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Criminal Defense in Brighton


Criminal charges must be addressed immediately by qualified, competent defense counsel.  If you or a loved one have been arrested or received a federal target letter, please call us immediately!  Simply because you are not currently held pretrial does not mean that the prosecution cannot get you locked up.  If your loved one or family member is currently held awaiting trial or sentencing, call us to find out if we can get them released before trial or sentencing.  

We defend people accused of unpopular crimes like drug trafficking, drunk driving, and violent crimes.  We defend people accused in Superior Court, District or Municipal Court, and the United States District Court all over Massachusetts.  

Driving Under the Influence 

Driving under the influence (DUI) — known as operating under the influence (OUI) in Massachusetts— is a very serious offense. Whether this is your first OUI charge or you are arepeat offender, you need to contact his firm right away. Adam can assist you in defending your rights after a field sobriety test and ensure that your driving privileges are not wrongfully taken away.

Drug Crimes 

If you were arrested and charged with the saledistribution or possession of an illegal or controlled substance, you need to retain representation right away. First-time offenders andrepeat offenders alike may have a lot on the line and deserve aggressive representation.


After an assault, you need to act quickly and work with the Russell Defense Firm. Depending on the circumstances , you may be facing felony or misdemeanor charges. The moment police get involved, you need to contact Attorney Russell right away. An allegation of assault and battery upon a family or household member now includes special procedures for the prosecution to delay arraignment, written rulings kept in a statewide domestic violence record keeping system, and inquiry before arraignment or bail. A dismissal will not be removed from this "database of abusers".

Larceny/ Fraud/ Theft Crimes 

Larceny, fraud, or theft crimes are serious offenses that require the representation of an aggressive criminal attorney. If you or a loved one have been accused for any theft offense and charged with larceny, fraud, embezzlement, false pretenses, or false material statements, you need to contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

Violent Crimes 

The most severely prosecuted crimes in Massachusetts are violent crimes. Any crime that uses violence as a means to an end or as the objective is considered a violent crime. When specific crimes of violence are alleged, the prosecution is trained to ask for a 58A "dangerousness" hearing, for an order of pre-trial detention. For violent crimes, you or a loved one may not get a personal recognizance or just "bail out at arraignment". Prosecutors in Suffolk and Middlesex County are specifically trained in requesting high bail and dangerousness for crimes of violence. This includes rape, indecent assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and other violent felonies.


Are you facing a criminal offense? Now is the time to act and retain the representation of a trusted Brighton criminal attorney. You need to immediately contact Russell Defense Firm. Adam Russell is proud to provide clients with outstanding legal representation for their cases and ensure that they are aggressively defended. In your time of need, who better to trust than an ethical advocate who is not afraid to take your case to trial?

You are not alone in this difficult time; you need to contact Russell Defense Firm right away. Schedule your confidential initial consultation with Adam immediately!

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If you or a loved one has been arrested and booked for a criminal offense, contact Russell Defense Firm right away. The firm is relentless in its defense of clients' rights and freedoms. Adam believes that his approach to addressing problems and working diligently to find solutions can lead to acquittals or significant reductions in charges for your case.

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