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Alcohol Level Testing

Brighton OUI Attorney Provides Aggressive Representation

While alcohol level testing is believed to be the only way to accurately determine impairment, these tests are actually based upon several assumptions that are not scientifically accurate. If you've been arrested after taking a DUI test, then you need to contact Attorney Adam Russell.

He will begin an independent investigation and ensure that your rights were not infringed upon in any manner during your arrest or booking. Some common signs of an improperly administered breath test may include:

  • alleged result of greater than 0.20
  • untrained law enforcement
  • presence of interference with the sample or measurement by the machine
  • testing invalid candidates (persons with dentures or other major dental work, persons who handle insolvents, diabetics)

When you turn to Attorney Russell for help, he can fight your chemical breath test results in court.

Do you have to take a breath test in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, drivers who won't submit to a chemical breath test will not be charged with a criminal offense, however, they may be subject to an automatic license suspension. It is important to note that admissible breath test must be done at a police station. Preliminary breath tests on the roadside are not recognized as reliable enough to be used as evidence.

Why Should You Hire Adam Russell for Your OUI Defense?

If you want to fight your OUI case, hire Adam Russell. He has earned a reputation of getting results for repeat offenders who have been charged with 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th OUI offenses, obtaining no jail time for them in Boston, Suffolk, Middlesex, and Worcester County.

Hire Adam Russell to get a lawyer that listens to you, returns your phone calls personally, and goes the extra mile.

He is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, so you can rest assured that he has extensive experience with all types of drunk driving cases. In addition, Attorney Russell provides affordable advocacy that you can trust, so call now for your free consultation!

How Police Test Your Intoxication Levels

If you are taken into police custody, you will most likely be asked to take a breath test. This will merely measure the lack of resistance to a laser beam that is sent through a chamber.

When you breath into the breath machine tube, that air is then sent into the machine. In the machine, that air is pushed into a chamber. Then a laser is pointed across the chamber. The presence of chemical compounds similar to drinking alcohol (ETOH), will increase the resistance of that laser passing through the chamber. So, the amount of that laser that makes it through the chamber is measured.

Nowhere in this machine is a measurement of your blood. When a person completes a chemical breath test, they breath into a tube. They do not provide a blood sample, therefore the breath machine does not scientifically measure a person's blood alcohol content.

If you feel that you were wrongfully arrested after taking a blood alcohol level test, you need to work with Russell Defense Firm immediately.

Retaining Trusted Legal Defense

At Russell Defense Firm, you can rely on Adam Russell to deliver only the best possible legal service and aggressive defense for your case. He understands that this time in your life can be frustrating and difficult, but with the guidance of the firm, you may be able to reach a favorable outcome. Adam has years of experience assisting Boston clients and he may be able to help you as well. If you have been arrested and have questions or concerns regarding your situation, contact his office and schedule a free case evaluation now.

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