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Leaving the scene of an accident is a felony offense. Car accidents occur unexpectedly and it can be a natural reaction to feel fear and leave. If you are later arrested, your situation is very serious. Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in property damage is a crime. A "hit and run" only looks dishonest to the jury and is one more charge you have to beat.

At the Russell Defense Firm, I have been able to successfully defend many people that were facing serious criminal charges. From the moment I take on a case I am committed to providing my clients with professional OUI defense counsel, and I will do everything legally possible to seek a positive outcome.

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I believe that a thorough independent investigation into the facts in the case is a necessity, and that this could be of great benefit in your defense strategy. I focus my legal skills strictly upon criminal defense.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, you need to ensure that you are represented by a skilled Brighton OUI attorney. It is critical that I review all of the evidence against you on an immediate basis. I can provide you with a free consultation if you call my firm today.

Have you been charged with leaving the scene?

In order for the prosecution to convict you of leaving the scene, they must be able to prove that you were aware that there had been property damage, or you knew that an injury had taken place in the collision. If the collision is extremely minor and left little to no property damage, the prosecution may have a difficult time proving that you were aware that it occurred.

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If you or a loved one has been arrested and booked for a criminal offense, contact Russell Defense Firm right away. The firm is relentless in its defense of clients' rights and freedoms. Adam believes that his approach to addressing problems and working diligently to find solutions can lead to acquittals or significant reductions in charges for your case.

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