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DUI Process: Understanding the OUI Process


Drunk driving, referred to as operating under the influence (OUI), is one of the most strictly prosecuted crimes in Massachusetts. If you were charged with OUI, you need to immediately retain legal representation to avoid penalties. Here's why you should turn to Russell Defense Firm:

  • Attorney Adam Russell is committed to helping his clients receive the best possible case outcomes while ensuring that your rights are protected and your future is aggressively defended.
  • Adam pursues immediate investigation and active defense, knowing that these have a huge impact on helping you obtain a favorable resolution.
  • Adam has successfully defended numerous clients from OUI cases, ranging from felony to misdemeanor.
  • Adam provides a free consultation!

Contact his firm today, before it's too late to act! Attorney Russell is eager to begin discussing your case so that you can be on your way to a better future.


After an arrest for driving under the influence, you will immediately begin to feel the repercussions of the criminal charge and proceeding. The OUI process happens rather quickly, so as soon as possible after you are arrested, you need to contact the attorney from Russell Defense Firm. If you have been arrested, the OUI process will begin, and you can expect to go through the following stages:

  1. Arraignment 
    At an arraignment, you will be formally advised of the charges that are being filed against you and the conditions of your release. If you are released, you will be given a specific court date and will be required to show up on that date. If bail needs be posted, you will be provided with the conditions of your bail. It is important to note that bail is not usually required for first-time offenders unless the alleged offender was involved in an accident.
  2. Pre-Trial Conferences 
    During a pre-trial conference, which is usually scheduled within four to six weeks of your arraignment, you will be given all of the information about your case from the prosecutor's office. Depending on the conditions of your arrest, such as an accident that caused serious bodily injury to or the death of a person, there may be more than one pre-trial conference.
  3. Motion Hearings 
    In a motion hearing, you and your attorney will have a chance to defend your rights and possibly enter into a plea bargain. Prior to this hearing, your attorney will determine if your rights were violated in any manner and use any violations as part of the strong defense for your case.
  4. OUI Trial 
    This is your actual criminal trial proceeding, and you will need to work directly with an attorney to ensure you receive the highest quality representation. At the trial, the prosecuting attorney will provide facts and police reports for their case against you, and your attorney will aggressively defend your side of the case. A judge or jury will determine the outcome of your situation.


When you are faced with a criminal trial, it is important that you retain the legal guidance of a dedicated Brighton OUI attorney. At Russell Defense Firm, Adam Russell stands ready to provide clients with the aggressive, informative and experienced defense that they deserve. Retaining his firm can mean the difference between receiving a heavy penalty or a favorable case resolution.

Russell Defense Firm has achieved excellent results handling OUI accident cases, high breath test cases, and other cases involving inaccurate OUI evidence. If you or a loved one has been arrested, you need to contact Russell Defense Firm right away and schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.

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