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I was highly satisfied with the legal services I received from Adam Russell, Esq. Originally I was charged with possession with intent to distribute Class B (Suboxone) and conspiracy to violate the drug laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Had I been directly indicted in Superior Court, the mandatory maximum I would have serve would have been five (5) years.

It was a high profile case because I was a member of the Massachusetts Bar at the time, accused of a drug crime in a courthouse. I pled guilty to possession w/ intent to distribute Class B- only- on March 25, 2014. I received a sentence of 18 (eighteen) months probation underseen by Massachusetts Department of Probation, with random urinalysis and substance abuse treatment. Adam Russell, Esq. has treated with dignity and kindness. He also kept me in the loop throughout the process, and kept me focused on doing MY part to achieve a successful outcome.

– Anonymous

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