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After a series of bad decisions that led to being charged with multiple felonies, I decided that it was time to hire a lawyer. I found Attorney Adam C. Russell online and after briefly reading about him, I gave him a call. The comfort provided in knowing that I was about to let a complete stranger help determine the outcome of my future was slim to none. Now, almost a year later, I could not be happier with the way my case was handled. Adam was very professional in going about his business and made sure to keep in constant contact so I could be informed as to exactly what was happening with my case.

He was able to relate on a personal level, which allowed me to place my trust not only in his abilities, but his character as well. He managed to go above and beyond what I expected from him and returned what could have been two years in jail, to 6 months of unsupervised probation. I couldn't be more grateful for his hard work and dedication to his client, as well as constant awareness of my best interest. Although I don't plan to ever need a lawyer again, I rest assured knowing that I've already found the only person I would allow to handle any future legal needs-Attorney Adam C. Russell.

– Anonymous

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