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Boston Municipal Court: East Boston Division - Client, a 25 year-old union worker with a young daughter, was arrested for 2 counts of possession with intent to distribute Percocet (Class B) and 2 counts of Drug Violation Near a School or Park. East Boston Police alleged they caught Client doing a hand to hand transaction of Percocet inside his car while parked at a fast food restaurant. East Boston Police pulled over Client's car, searched and seized Percs, a lit blunt containing personal Cannabis, and large amounts of cash. Across town, East Boston Police "flipped" the alleged buyer, getting a statement that Client is his drug dealer and more Percocet pills. Client hired Russell Defense Firm to represent him. Right away the independent investigation brought out facts that were argued early on in court, resulting in the judge dropping the school zone charges back in August. In court, Adam C. Russell argued more information obtained during the indepdndent investigation to convince the judge in East Boston to dismiss all the possession with intent to distribute charges. Client kept his CDL job during the case and has the final interview for a state job (CORI check required) with full benefits and pension next month. Client is proud he never cooperated with law enforcement.

Adam Russell

Adam C. Russell is a battle tested criminal defense lawyer. He has earned a reputation of getting results for repeat offenders. Russell Defense Firm uses an independent investigation designed to prove your side of the story in court. BREATHALYZER LAWYER An experienced chemical breath test lawye...

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