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If you were arrested for a crime, you may feel anxious and overwhelmed about your future. Fortunately, Brookline criminal lawyer, Adam Russell of Russell Defense Firm, is committed to passionately defending the rights of the accused. With Attorney Russell zealously advocating for you, you can rest assured that he will do everything in his power to see that your charges are dropped or reduced!

Attorney Russell will make sure that he carefully listens to your side of the story so that he can understand every possible detail of your case. To him, attorney-client relationships are a priority, so you can trust that he will inform you of decisions made during the entire process. You can expect that he will return a call within a day during the week and within two days on the weekend.

When Attorney Russell prepares a case, he always plans for it to go to trial. That way, he can be ready to properly advise his clients on the strengths of the Commonwealths case, the defenses available, and likelihood of acquittal on each of the charges in the complaint. His clients don't have to feel pressured into pleading guilty. With this method, Attorney Russell wins acquittals. Read about these victories in more detail on his " Case Results" page.


Located in Norfolk County, Brookline is a suburban town that sits between Boston and Newton. There are about 58,000 people that currently live in Brookline. The median household income for Brookline is $97,250, about 97% of the population having graduated from high school. 80% of these went on to get a Bachelor's degree or a higher degree. Only about 11.5% of people are living below the poverty line, which is almost 3% lower than the national average.

Brookline was first formed in 1638 as a small unincorporated community, called a hamlet. It became an independent town in 1705, resisting incorporation with Boston since the early 19thcentury. The town is governed by the Town Meeting, which consists of 240 elected members, the Board of Selectman, and state representatives who reside within Brookline. This legislative body is responsible for passing all town laws and balancing the budget. The Town Moderator presides over the annual meeting, held in May or June, with the Town Clerk acting as secretary. While the public can come to meetings, only the elected town members can vote. For more information about the other events in Brookline, visit their website. The town is proud to offer many different activities for families and children.


Compared to the Boston area, Brookline has a relatively low crime rate. There are very few violent crimes such as rape or murder, however; there are quite a few theft crimes such as burglary, robbery, and grand theft auto. Crime may be reported more often when it occurs in Brookline than in some other communities. The police report any incidents that occur to the public through the Brookline Police Blog.In areas of low crime, law enforcement officials are quick to dole out punishments to those they suspect of crime, sometimes undeservedly. Make sure that does not happen to you by reaching out to Attorney Adam Russell.


In the event that you are arrested in Brookline, don't hesitate to call Russell Defense Firm for assistance. As a Brookline criminal attorney, Adam Russell has dedicated himself to defending individuals who are facing charges. His clients attest to his professionalism and persistence while handling their cases. His firm can be reached by calling (617) 221-3244 or filling out a free case evaluation. Attorney Russell is ready to take on your case, so speak to him as soon as possible! Don't wait until it's too late to change the course of your future.


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If you or a loved one has been arrested and booked for a criminal offense, contact Russell Defense Firm right away. The firm is relentless in its defense of clients' rights and freedoms. Adam believes that his approach to addressing problems and working diligently to find solutions can lead to acquittals or significant reductions in charges for your case.

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