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Waltham Criminal Defense Lawyer


If you are convicted of a crime, it can have serious implications on your future. You could be facing fines, imprisonment, loss of licenses, and loss of privileges that may make it difficult to return to your previous standard of living. Because of this, it is vital that you contact Waltham criminal defense lawyer, Adam Russell to defend you. His firm is focused exclusively on criminal defense, so he has had much experience supporting the accused against the prosecution. Attorney Russell has successfully handled a variety of different cases, ranging from OUI to assault.

When you call Russell Defense Firm, you can expect that your calls will be returned within 24 hours during the week, and 48 hours during the weekend. Attorney Russell wants to ensure that he is readily available to answer any of your questions and take care of any of your concerns. As the case proceeds, you can expect that Mr. Russell will inform you of every step of the process. He believes that open attorney-client relationships are an important factor in the success of a case. His clients attest to this commitment, noting Attorney Russell's professionalism and hardworking attitude. Read more of these comments on the "Testimonials" page.

Once Attorney Russell receives a case, he prepares as if he was taking it to trial, which means conducting an incredibly thorough investigation. For those accused of OUI, Attorney Russell is adept at knowing how to defend against breathalyzer test results. Due to his immense case preparation methods, he will always be ready to take immediate action if the prosecution does not accept a plea agreement. The Russell Law Firm is dedicated to making sure that you will never feel pressured into pleading guilty. If you want to know more about what Attorney Russell can do for you, you should call his office.


The city of Waltham currently has about 61,000 residents within its borders. It is located in Middlesex County, about 10 miles outside of Boston. Early in the 19 th century, the town was a major center for the labor movement, as it housed the Boston Manufacturing Company. Because of this plant, Waltham in particular became a model for industrial planning, giving rise to the Waltham Lowell system, widely used method in New England. Also during this time, Waltham became the first place with a company that made watches on an assembly line. It now has the nickname, "Watch City", as it produced over 35 million instruments in its hundred years of productivity. The city is now home to two universities that focus their efforts on research, Brandeis University and Bentley University.


Crime rates in the city of Waltham are comparatively low, violent crime happening about 38% less than the national average, and property crime happening about 42% less than the national average. The city's crime rates are also significantly lower than the state's averages. The most committed crimes in Waltham are theft-related, with larceny and burglary occurring most frequently. There are currently about 150 police officers who patrol the city. Their police department, located at 155 Lexington St. , keeps citizens updated on current crimes with their crime mapping portal, which shows residents the location and details of crimes as they occur.

If you have been charged with a crime in Waltham, make sure to contact criminal lawyer, Adam Russell. He can make sure that you are not taken advantage of by any members of the police force. Throughout the entire process, Attorney Russell is committed to supporting you, no matter how difficult or complex the case may seem. If you want to get more details about how he can help, take advantage of the free case evaluation that the Russell Defense Firm offers. Schedule your appointment today!


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